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About Us

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Nautilus Training & Curriculum was first registered as a company on 19th of March, 1996 and became a Registered Training Organisation on the 19th of July, 1999.

An enduring commitment to our students

Nautilus Training & Curriculum Pty Ltd is committed to providing a learning environment that is conducive to the success of its students, and believes that the most conducive environment, for delivering its competency-based training programs, is the workplace. In the workplace, the learning is driven by the day-to-day demands of work practices for knowledge and skills. Students undertaking workplace-based training have an advantage over those studying a classroom-based course, inasmuch as they experience for themselves the significance of knowing how to do the job well.

As a private enterprise, commercial training provider, Nautilus Training is, firstly and foremostly, a customer service focussed organisation. Nautilus Training tries very hard to communicate effectively with each student and to provide everything that is needed, in order to maximise the benefits gained from every student’s training program.

Nautilus Training believes that everyone, who uses its services in any way at all, needs to be respected, to feel that they are valued and in control, in order for them to achieve the learning goals they have set for themselves. Motivated by this belief, Nautilus Training offers a genuinely personalised service to each and every student and encourages them to keep us informed of any needs, questions, problems and achievements.

Training and Assessment Staff

Quality training results can only be achieved with high quality training staff, and whilst enthusiasm and experience are essential, it is the quality of the training staff that is most important. Nautilus Training’s staff is recruited and selected on the basis of quality. All of the trainers/assessors with Nautilus Training have extensive education within their field and have worked extensively across the industry in which they deliver their training and assessment services. Their qualifications are updated and enhanced on a regular basis.

Our Philosophy

Every organisation, which is genuinely concerned with quality, has a set of fundamental beliefs or guiding principles or a philosophy, about how it conducts its business. It has already been mentioned that Nautilus Training regards itself, firstly and foremostly, as a provider of services to its customers. Nautilus Training understands that its customers are its reason for being without customers Nautilus Training wouldn’t exist. The most important thing about Nautilus Training is the people who use the company’s training services, and the most important thing that Nautilus does is helping the people, who undertake training through the use of the company’s training services, reach their goals.

Rather than creating systems to manage people, Nautilus Training empowers people to manage systems. It empowers its students to take charge of their learning and it empowers its staff members to be responsive and creative in catering for the individual learning needs of each student. Rather than being prescriptive and authoritative in its dealings with students and having a range of rules and directives for its students to follow, Nautilus Training takes whatever reasonable steps are necessary for ensuring that every student gets what they need, in order to reach their training target.

The mission of Nautilus Training is to express its care and concern for its customers, to be fair and reasonable in all its dealings with others and to affirm its belief in what people can do when they try. Nautilus Training works towards achieving its mission, by being courteous, patient and respectful, by giving everyone ‘a fair go’, and by giving people room to make mistakes on the road to inevitable success. It does this because, by doing so, it will come to be the best training company in the market, enjoy the highest achievable rate of course completions, and be known for providing the highest quality service, whilst being sustainable and profitable in the long term.

Nautilus’ Scope of Registration

The term “scope of registration” refers to the list of the courses, the training package qualifications and other accredited training that a Registered Training Organisation is approved to provide.

Nautilus Training & Curriculum P/L is a Registered Training Organisation with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), part of the Victorian Department of Education and Training. The Department is responsible for the planning, regulation and delivery of a range of education and training programs and services in Victoria. Nautilus Training is authorised, by Skills Victoria, to deliver accredited training in Victoria. The following training programs form Nautilus Training’s scope of registration (valid to 30/6/19 and subject to change):

Training Package Qualifications

  • CHC30113 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC50113 – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Units of Competency

  • HLTAID003 – Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting
  • HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Nautilus Training’s registration with the VRQA means that all qualifications issued under its Scope of Registration carry National Recognition. Accordingly, these qualifications are recognised by all other Registered Training Organisations, TAFE colleges, state training authorities and universities, throughout Australia.

Further details about Nautilus Training may be obtained from the My Skills website,  and from the national register for training in Australia.